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Friday, 16 April 2021

Happy Birthday to me!

Hello Friends,

Last week I gave you a heads up about my birthday e-book sale and now it is here.


April 16-23, 2021:

"Son of Abeilhe: Auberon's Quest" is only 99 cents on You can also get it at for an equivalent savings. Since I couldn't list this promotion on the Canadian site, I changed the price on to $2.99 for the same time period.

April 16-20, 2021:

"Daughters of Veroven: Bee Singer Queen" is completely free, also at and, ALSO at


If you're still not sure, use the "Look Inside" feature on any Amazon to read the first few chapters. Try before you buy is always available.

I'll be 63 on April 20th. My goal is to have four novels published before I am 70, and I'm already halfway there. That feels pretty good, so happy birthday to me. :)

Hugs & smiles,


Friday, 9 April 2021

Birthday Week Sale is Coming


My 2021 birthday e-book sale is coming soon. 

From April 16-23, you can get my latest novel, "Son of Abeilhe: Auberon's Quest" for just 99 cents. "Daughters of Veroven: Bee Singer Queen" will be completely free from April 16-20. 

The sale will be available at and Amazon.UK and is for the e-books only, not the print versions. There was no option for the promotion on, but I'll let you know next week if it shows up on there. 

If you'd like to whet your appetite, you can read the first few chapters with Amazon's "Look Inside" feature.

Thanks for stopping by. I'll remind you again next week. 

Hugs & smiles,


Friday, 26 March 2021

Masculine Birthday Cards

Hello Friends,

It's been ages since I've done a greeting card post. I have been making cards all along, but haven't posted them. Lately I've been struggling to come up with nice masculine birthday cards. I find those the hardest to design. Here's what I created, using my TreasureChest die by BossCut.

I've also been hankering for some new verses for the insides of my birthday cards. I send out multiple cards every month and I've been using the same verses for years. I wasn't able to find much online. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them, especially for digital word art. In the meantime, I created a couple of verses of my own. The first was inspired by these two cards. The second verse is intended for a child's card. Feel free to lift these from this post. We have many digital images and sentiments in our store as well. You can find them here.