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Tuesday, 31 May 2022

What is Christian Art Creations

 Hello Friends,

If you've been following us for a while, you will know that we launched a new web site at the beginning of this year, 2022. It's called Christian Art Creations

Terry and I did a video interview to share our vision and purpose for this endeavour. I hope you will enjoy it.

Thanks for dropping by. Many blessings on your day.

Hugs & smiles,


Tuesday, 24 May 2022


 Hello Friends,

I hope this finds you well and in a safe part of our world.

Currently, I'm working on Book 4 in my "Tales of Ellmoria" fantasy series. "The Lost Scroll" will be the final edition, but it comes from the first novel I wrote, inspired by a dream.

"The Lost Scroll" reveals a history that took place millennia before Book 1, "Bee Singer Queen". I didn't want to leave all my readers' beloved characters behind, so I've been knitting the old together with the new.

In Book 3, "Out of Hiding", Ari-Jondon was chosen to find the mysterious golden scroll. In Book 4, Ari's autistic step-brother, Sam, will join him in his quest. The big man will prove a more valuable companion than Ari could have ever guessed.

"The Lost Scroll" should be ready for publication by September. I believe it will bring a satisfying conclusion to the series and perhaps spring-board a new one.

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your visit and love reading your comments.

Hugs & smiles,


Monday, 23 May 2022


 Hello Friends,

Sometime ago, I decided to stop producing my handmade journals for painters, writers and sketchers. Trouble is, I'm left with quite a bit of inventory on my hands. 

What to do, what to do?

 I decided to offer them at 70% off -- that's my cost or less.


Here is a video, showing my process.


Thanks for stopping by. I hope you'll consider purchasing one or more of my journals before my inventory is all gone.

Hugs & smiles,