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Friday, 19 March 2021

Art Journal Therapy with Marta

 Hello Friends,

In my last post, I let you know that my second book in the Tales of Ellmoria (Son of Abeilhe) is now published and available on Amazon worldwide. You can find links to it in the sidebar.

Shortly after that post my son landed in the ICU with his kidneys shutting down. We came very close to losing him. Once he was beginning to recover, my MIL passed away. We are still working through my son's recovery, and trying to recover ourselves from all the trauma & stress of the past few months. So we've been taking some time off to heal.

Last Sunday, Marta Lapkowska (Maremi's Small Art) did an impromptu You Tube Live video, to help relieve her own stress. She offered free digital papers to do an art journal spread with her. I couldn't finish mine all in one setting, but it was helpful to watch Marta and hear her gentle voice while I worked. I felt stronger and more hopeful by the time I completed it yesterday.

Thanks for stopping by. I can't promise I will get back to posting every week just yet, but I hope you are finding ways to cope with your own stress. I will link Marta's video below if you would like to check it out. I think the free papers will still be available.



Valerie-Jael said...

So sorry to hear that you have had so much stress and sadness i your lives, and hope you are soon feeling better. Art is a great healer, I lved the creative therapy times we had at the clinic. Big hugs, Valerie

Teresa Arsenault said...

Thanks so much, Valerie. Hugs, Teresa